Teacup Australian Shepherds

Smaller Australian Shepherds known as “teacup” Australian Shepherds are quickly increasing in popularity due to their adorable appearance. They have the same qualities as the Standard Australian Shepherd — such as agility and their capability of excelling in obedience and herding — but are much smaller in size.

Teacup Australian Shepherds are one of the friendliest and cutest breeds of small dog. They are under 10″ at the shoulder and weigh between 4 and 9 pounds. Mistakenly known as “toy” Australian Shepherds or “miniature” Australian Shepherds, teacups are a bit smaller. Toys are between 10″ and 13″ at the shoulder and weigh between 10 and 16 pounds. Miniatures are 14″ and 15″ at the shoulder and weigh between 18 to 30 pounds. Typically, all three types of Australian Shepherds have the same color markings. Their colors are black, red, or blue — but these colors can be mixed with a tan or white marking. The only white marking that should appear on their face should be in a long strip that extends from the back of the head to the snout area. These types of dogs also have medium to long hair that is billowy and soft to the touch. The hair around their necks and on the backs of their legs should be slightly longer than the hair on their head or ear area. The ears of the teacup Australian Shepherd are floppy and soft. A dog must meet these requirements to be considered a true teacup Australian Shepherd.

Teacup Australian Shepherds are affectionate and playful dogs, which makes them great companions for young children. In addition, they are loyal and very protective. They will not only serve as playmates, these courageous dogs will defend their small owners if they feel they are in any kind of danger. However, teacup Australian Shepherds are natural-born herders. As puppies, they may try to bite the back of your heels when you walk by. Just like standard Australian Shepherds, teacups will “herd” children if they do not receive proper training and exercise.
Teacup Australian Shepherds are very smart and can be easy to train. They are very intuitive when it comes to knowing what their owners want. But since they are so playful and energetic, they must have a way to release their energy. A scheduled walk or playtime is a good way to provide your teacup Aussie with exercise. If your teacup Aussie does not receive enough exercise, they could become nervous, anxious, or start bad habits like chewing on shoes or tearing up furniture.
Teacups are very devoted and caring, but like any other breed of small dog, you must establish yourself as pack leader — in a firm but loving way. A lack of leadership could lead to bad behavior such as excessive barking, jumping, and even biting. Offer your teacup Aussie a way to be a contributing member of the family by taking him with you if you go hunting, fishing, or to do any type of work outdoors. This will help curb his domination, and attempts at domination will decrease over a shorter period of time.

Teacup Aussies love to cuddle and are wonderful additions to any home. With proper training and exercise, these small, intelligent dogs will become terrific companions for anyone.