Australian Shepherds that are up for Adoption

You can find many Australian Shepherds up for adoption through rescue groups. Although these dogs make wonderful companions and are great with children, their energy requirements and intelligence are sometimes a struggle for people who do not have the time to devote to their dogs. Before purchasing a puppy, you might want to think about adopting one of the many surrendered dogs already available.

Rescue groups are typically not-for-profit organizations comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to the Australian Shepherd breed. Their goal is to place orphaned Aussies into a loving, caring, and permanent homes. Some of the dogs found in these groups have been rescued from pounds and shelters. Others are surrendered by owners who can no longer keep their dogs for a variety of reasons. Typically, rescue groups only accept purebred dogs, but some will accept an Aussie mix into the program. Vicious dogs are generally not accepted into the group and are not offered for adoption. In order to adopt an Australian Shepherd from a rescue group, there is usually an application to fill out and a general inquiry conducted by the group to determine whether your home and your family is right for an Aussie. And more importantly, to determine which dog within their group would be right for you. Sometimes a dog that matches your home will be available immediately, but in most cases, it will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to find a suitable a dog. The more narrow your criteria for the right dog, the longer the wait will be. If your heart is set on a certain color, gender, or age, you will have to wait longer than the adopter who is open on all these things. Dogs are usually offered on a “first come, first served” basis, but more importantly, according to the needs of the dog.

To determine if adopting an Australian Shepherd from a rescue group is the right decision for you, ask yourself several questions. Do you have time to train a puppy from the day it arrives in order to ensure that the unruly puppy will grow into a well-mannered companion? Australian Shepherds are very intelligent and with intelligence comes an urge for domination. A puppy can quickly be put into place by establishing yourself as the dominate leader. But some owners do not have the time or natural instincts to curb this behavior in their puppies. Aussies are also energetic and have a strong herding instinct. When not challenged, Aussies will herd people by nipping at their heels. This can be viewed as a cute behavior, but should be addressed when the dog is still a puppy before it becomes an uncontrollable habit.

Another question you should ask yourself is: Do you have time to properly socialize your puppy from a young age? Australian Shepherds are extremely protective and will be wary of strangers if they are not socialized properly when they’re young. If you do not think you can properly give an Australian Shepherd puppy the time and attention that it needs to become a well-balanced dog, but you are sure that you can handle the breed, then rescuing an Aussie from a rescue group is the perfect thing for you. Not all dogs in rescue groups are there because they have a behavioral problem. Some dogs were lost and rescued from shelters, some were surrendered due to a family who had to move. With the devotion and companionship that an Australian Shepherd has to offer, adopting one from a rescue group is the right choice for anyone.